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Before actors begin studying at the studio, they are required to first observe a class.  The reasons are as follows:


  1.  While much can be gleaned from a website and social media, nothing takes the place of meeting your potential new coach/coaches in person.  Are they kind, courteous, and respectful?  More importantly, are they good at what they do?  Is there a discernable difference in the scene after the coach makes an adjustment?  Do they spend more time talking about you or themselves?
  2. Does the school teach a specific technique that you feel you can learn from and that will make you a better actor?  Are there books that are recommended that will help along the journey?
  3. Another consideration is the other class members.  Do they enjoy being there?  Do they enjoy one another?  Do they like and respect the coach?  I find that most of the class observers at the studio ask a multitude of questions and there is no one better to get honest feedback than someone who is already a student.  It’s even more helpful to ask someone who has been at the studio for an extended period of time.
  4. Is the space itself clean, safe, and welcoming?  When I first opened the studio at Southside on Lamar in January 2011, it was important to me that it was a place of beauty and inspiration.  Of course, if aesthetics are not important to you, you will absolutely be able to find simpler, less inspiring accommodations.
  5. Is there ample parking and is it free and safe?  Southside has two large free retail parking lots that our actors can use.  We are located directly across the street from the police department and the building has security guards who will walk actors to their cars should they desire.
  6. How large are the classes and does everyone get to perform every week?  The average size of our classes is now 20 – 24 people.  This allows us to get through 12 scenes per night unless someone is having a particularly difficult rework in which case, we may not get through the entire lineup.  By comparison, I know that the more successful studios in Los Angeles have anywhere from 80 – 100 students and the actors are able to perform once every six weeks.  And, they will easily pay twice as much. 
  7. Pets – If you are allergic to animals or afraid of them, it is best to ask if any are on the premises.  We have a wonderful kitty named Liam who often watches the classes along with the students.
  8. Does it “feel” like you belong?  If not, find a place that resonates with you.
  9. Hopefully, other questions and concerns will be brought to your attention once you are at the location.


If you are looking to observe an acting class before enrolling, then contact us at Theresa Bell Actors Studio today!