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A question that I am often asked by new actors is “Where Can I Find Auditions?”  The best place to secure an audition is through an agent. A good agent will be able to not only find higher quality gigs for you but they will also be able to get a better pay rate for you and protect you in terms of usage. If you are new to acting, you probably don’t have an agent just yet. Often agents will only meet with actors who have experience. If you are a beginner and are just looking for experience and are willing to work for little or no pay, you have options. To make it easier, we have created a list of resources to get you started and familiar with in the DFW area. I have found that even after an actor secures an agent, the actors who continue to work the most are the actors who seek out and find their own opportunities.  If you do have an agent and still get a job on your own, I would suggest you pay your agent a commission to look over the contract and possibly get a better deal for you. Take a look at both our free and subscriber-based resources below.


1.      Yahoo Groups -Dallas Film Casting, Austin Film Casting, Fort Worth Film Casting

2.      Short Films Texas  –

3.      Facebook – Join Acting Groups – there’s a ton!

4.      Dallas Film Commission –

5.      Texas Film Commission –


Require Subscription

1.      IMDB PRO -

2.      Backstage –

3.      Actors Access – Showfax Subscription Required

If you are new to acting, this list should be very helpful in finding your first and many auditions to follow.  We also suggest enrolling in acting classes. Not only is it obviously a great way to hone your skills and a commercial or film actor, it also opens up a network of possibilities and opportunities. Our actors are often helping each other advance and find their next opportunities. If you want to learn more about Acting in Dallas contact us or observe a class today!