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For aspiring actors, there's nothing more exciting than attending your first acting class!

However, performing before a coach and other actors can be a nerve-wracking experience. Fortunately, there are actions you can take to alleviate the nerves and prepare yourself to take center stage.

In this blog, we provide seven tips to help you get ready for your acting classes and make the most of your experience.

Before you begin, do your research!

Google and social media have made it easier than ever to find exactly the kind of acting class you are in search of. Do your homework! If you want to do commercials, observe a commercial class. If you want to study Meisner, find out who teaches Meisner in your area and observe one of those classes. Check out the Google reviews! If other actors aren’t gushing over the classes they are taking, why would you think it would be a place for you? Once you have done your research and have visited the various schools, select the place you want to be and get started! I know some schools do not offer observations and my reply to that is “Why not?”

Once you are on board, you will get more from your experience if you do the following:


1. Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

While it's true that the acting industry can be competitive, it's essential not to let your fears hold you back. Remember that acting is an ongoing process, and mistakes are crucial to refining your craft.

Rather than striving for perfection and being overly self-critical, allow yourself to make mistakes and treat them as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve.

Acting classes offer a secure and nurturing environment where you can freely experiment with various acting techniques. They provide an ideal space for taking bold risks and stepping outside your comfort zone.

More importantly, embrace the feedback you receive from instructors and fellow actors. These valuable insights are vital in helping you become a more versatile and compelling performer.

2. Prepare to Tap Into Your Emotions

Acting encourages you to draw upon your personal feelings and experiences. It is common for actors to become deeply involved in a scene to the point where they may shed tears or express genuine anger.

The best actors can empathize and immerse themselves in their characters. Don't hesitate to be vulnerable during your acting classes. Raw and authentic emotions distinguish a lackluster performance from one that leaves a lasting impact.

You'll need to be comfortable about expressing your emotions. While this may not be easy for everyone, allowing yourself to be vulnerable can help you connect with your audience and elevate your performance.

3. Be Open to Criticism

Every actor starts from somewhere. Making mistakes is normal, especially in the beginning, but you need to learn from them. Be open to criticism, direction, and change. Otherwise, you won't be able to evolve as a performer.

Resisting feedback or being unresponsive to direction can earn you a reputation for being difficult to work with which can hinder your chances of securing roles. Being flexible and adaptable will help directors, casting directors, and fellow actors garner more respect for you.

4. Be Confident With Your Speaking Voice

You'll use your voice extensively throughout your acting classes, so ensure you're confident in your vocal abilities.

Record yourself speaking before your first acting class and play it back. Regularly recording and listening to your voice can pinpoint which aspects you need to improve, such as clarity, volume, and diction. You can also experiment with different tones and accents.

I am a stickler about voices and have noticed a pattern in actors who are not confident in their work and choices and it is that they speak very quietly. Not only does it make it hard to hear them, it always reads as if they are not really sure about what they are doing.

Being comfortable with projecting your voice lets you portray characters, convey emotions, and captivate audiences more effectively.

5. Broaden Your Knowledge

If you truly want to be a well-rounded actor, explore different mediums and continuously broaden your industry knowledge.

Don't limit yourself to just watching films or plays. Read classic and contemporary scripts, explore international works, and watch films outside your comfort zone.

Make sure to study your favorite actors. Seek out interviews, biographies, and documentaries about them to learn more about their artistic process. These resources can provide useful insights into different acting styles, characters, and storytelling techniques.

6. Have Fun

Remember that acting classes should be fun and life-changing! Don't let your nerves get the best of you. Learning and retaining new knowledge is easier when you're having fun, so let go of your inhibitions and enjoy the process.


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