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It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out on your acting career or coming upon it later in life, the question that is likely at the tip of your tongue is “how do I get into acting?”  It seems like a giant leap and it is.  Anyone who does not share your passion will more than likely, deter you from it. The truth is, like anything in life, jump in with both feet, stay committed, and follow a few of our tips from TBell Actor’s Studio owner, Theresa Bell!

Take A Class- This might seem like an obvious tip from an acting studio , however it truly is the best way to work on your acting in a safe environment and with a group of individuals who share your passion and who can help better your performances. It is also an opportunity for you to determine if acting is something you truly want to pursue.  With anything new, it is normal to be nervous or unsure of yourself.  However, if you find that acting class is something you are dreading, it might be a sign acting might be a hard road for you OR you just have a bad teacher!   Sometimes you need to try the rest before you find the best.  Your fellow class mates and their reaction to your work will also reassure you if acting is something you should be pursuing.

Extra Work and Plays – Working on a movie or show as an extra is a great way to get some insight into what actually happens on a set.  You will also meet others like you and it should be pretty clear if acting is something you want to explore further.  It also doesn’t hurt to do a play or two to get experience and also see if you how dedicated you can be to an often time-consuming and labor intense process.

Consider Potential Acting Opportunities in Your Area – Another key consideration when trying to break into acting for film or TV is your physical location. The past decade has seen an explosion of independent films and TV shows being made in cities other than New York or Los Angeles.  Cities like Dallas, Atlanta, New Orleans, Boston, Austin, Portland, Oklahoma City are just a few locations that are enjoying a healthy film industry.  You will definitely be limited if you don’t live in a state that has good incentives for filmmakers.  Luckily, there are more opportunities than ever for actors.

Study & Practice – With any skill practice makes perfect, and acting is no different.  Studying others performances, and practicing scenes with other actors is the only way to get better. Another reason acting class is essential.  Class is also a place to do some of your best networking!

Independent Research & Continue to Evolve – The best actors find a good class, consistently attend and area not shy of some constructing criticism.  In order to evolve, actors must be  willing to take notes and change their performances based off of solid feedback.  If you are unable to change and evolve based off of the advice of a good coach, you become stunted in your growth, .  Being able to take notes and run with them is an advantage to becoming a great actor.

Other Considerations – While taking acting classes, independent studies, and practice all help to get started with acting, there are a few other things that can help.  Securing an agent can help you find acting jobs and negotiate contracts.  Some actors also elect to have a manager who helps them actually in designing a career that will utilized their strengths and guide them towards the right opportunities.

For more information on acting classes in Dallas take a look at our website, and Facebook page. We hope to see you in an upcoming class!