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I hear this question often. Usually, it is more of a statement I hear via email…”Acting is something I’ve always wanted to try, but never knew how to go about it.”

Acting is one of the few professions that is truly open to anyone and everyone. There are no licenses, training, degrees or diplomas required. And, there is no one way to go about getting started.

Just like any competitive sport, and there is no doubt that the competition is fierce, one must be at their best and thus, training is must! Thus, training is also the best way to get started!

Whether an actor wants to do theatre, commercials, film or television, relying on the notion that “you are a natural” is just not wise. There is far too much to know. And, should one study for years and maybe even get a degree from a university or an accredited acting conservatory, acting, like playing an instrument, delivers the best results when practiced, if not daily, at least weekly.

Training is also a great way to network and get invaluable advice about headshots, resumes, reels, agents, and other useful workshops and classes.

Once an actor has been continuously studying for at least a year, they will, hopefully, be skilled enough to start auditioning and working. It is their job to gauge their confidence level in this regard and also ask their coach if they believe they are ready.

At first, an actor may not have an agent. It is advisable to secure one but without experience, this can be challenging.

If an actor can get an agent, this is advisable. If not, there is no reason they can’t self-submit for various projects found through a multitude of outlets*. There are also ample opportunities for theater and background or extra work. Both are great ways to gain experience.

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